Art show used to help launch new business

Can art be used to attract business? A Westside fitness studio thinks so.

Can art be used to attract business?

That’s the idea behind an artshow on the Westside this month.

Nina Heyes is opening Studio 9 Fitness, focusing on classes and personal training, and will use her grand opening as an opportunity to hold an art show.

“I think art and fitness are kind of connected,” she said. “I like the creative aspect of it and I like bringing people in who might not be exposed to art and giving them the opportunity to see it.”

Heyes got the idea while talking to local artist who helped her line up some key contributers.

Among the nine artists featured in the show are Katie Brennan, Wanda Lock, Rena Warren, Julia Trops, Jessica Barr, Joanne Gervais, Carrie Harper, Jeffrey Wong, Chad Pratch, at minimum.

The show will be held Nov. 25, beginning at 6:00 p.m. The studio is located at 3-1395 Stevens Road, West Kelowna.