Awaken the entrepreneurial dreamer within you

They are the people who dream bigger than their background, education and experience suggests they can.

Every so often in my travels, I come across this different kind of entrepreneur.

They are the people who dream bigger than their background, education and experience suggests they can. They never stop dreaming, regardless of their circumstances or obstacles.

This is not to say they don’t experience failure or get discouraged, but they’re  the kind of entrepreneur who simply creates another dream when their current dream dissolves.

They don’t  allow discouragement nor disappointment to crush them.

If these qualities and characteristics are what describe you, then consider these questions: Have you identified what your dreams are by writing them down? Are you living out your dreams? What might be keeping you from dreaming bigger than you do now? How focused are you on expanding your dream machine?

Perhaps your entrepreneurial dream is to be financially independent or to build a successful new venture.

Maybe creating a new venture means the ability to determine your work schedule or how much time you work this month.

Whatever your dream and  how well developed it might be, I truly believe that most successful entrepreneurial dreamers go through some form of a process unique to themselves.

The first milestone seems to be the very essence of daring to dream, the realization I suppose that they have the ability to dream. Yes I know, you’ll say everyone dreams, but successful entrepreneurs keep dreaming even when it seems like everyone and everything is out to destroy those dreams.

An entrepreneur keeps plugging along, like the Ever-Ready bunny, not ready to give up, anxious to persevere rather than give up that dream.

Most dreams come in moments of inspiration. Give yourself time to do nothing but dream, exercise and embrace reflection.

Think about where you find your creativity and commit yourself to doing things, even the very few things that will be creative and stimulating.

Do you have a dream? Do you ever think about writing it down in as much detail as possible? Revise it? Have others critique it?

Then, perhaps, is the death of a dream where something happens such as a setback, a crisis and your dream is crushed.

It is at this point that many entrepreneurs may give up but the successful ones may grieve for a short while, examine what went wrong and apply these items to their next dream to make it even more successful.  I personally love that thought of rising up again from the ashes of temporary defeat only to rise higher than before.

Would you like to feel that moment, dear readers, when you have rode over the next hill and the valley of victory lies beneath your feet?

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