Banka: Improving your chances to get interview for job opening

What happens during the Kelowna summer is that companies start to advertise for the more skilled positions that may be opening up.

Most Kelowna residents know that during the summertime our city is a tourist destination point.

As a result, the population of the city and the surrounding area swells during July and August.

As well, the tourism growth during the summer creates many job openings for non-skilled workers.

So if someone were to breeze into town and want to work part-time for summer while enjoying the weather and the culture and then move on, the opportunity to do that is available.

In Kelowna, we joke that we pay a ‘sunshine tax’ to work here because many of us take the summer off, or try to, so the wages tend to be a bit lower.

But when September rolls around, then it’s back to business as usual as we  sometimes tend to put in the long hours over the winter to make up for our summers off.

What also happens during the summer is that companies start to advertise for the more skilled positions that may be opening up in the fall.

I happen to be one of those companies. I have posted a job advertisement on the Internet, one of my requirements being that the applicants have basic computer knowledge.

So by my way of thinking, if I advertise on the Internet, applicants will need to email their resumes, giving me an opportunity to determine whether the computer knowledge requirement is satisfied.

This advertisement then requires that the applicant go over to my web page to view the detailed job description.

Most advertised job openings will give a job description of what the job requires and also the qualifications that the applicant must have.

Now I realize that Employment Insurance requires that EI recipients must continue to look for work, so some people take this to the extreme and apply for anything listed that they think that they might like to do—whether they have any related experience or not.

Something to keep in mind when applying for work in Kelowna is that our economy is entrepreneur driven, which means that there are many firms that have under five employees located here.

There are very few firms that are large enough to have a human resources department.

My definition of an entrepreneur is ‘being pulled in many directions at once.’

So if you are serious about finding ‘the’ position for you in Kelowna, you need to target your audience.

Entrepreneurs need to know from either the first paragraph of your resume cover letter or from the first item of your resume that you have the qualifications that are required by the position.

Entrepreneurs do not have a lot of time to read through and try to figure out whether you can do the job or not from your resume—you need to get that point across right off the start.

Unfortunately, I have received many resumes that have spelling mistakes, certainly don’t address the qualifications of the job and don’t even mention the job description.

I’ve even received some that mention the wrong job title and that are even addressed to someone else or have the incorrect company name.

I have also asked that applicants provide a salary range that they would expect to be paid.

I have received a few responses to this and most are incomplete. People will give me an annual salary range, but won’t tell me how many hours a day or days per week that range pertains to.

Would you work weekends? Would you work overtime? Are you looking for full-time or flexible time? Are you looking for a job or is this your career?

The biggest disappointment with the resumes that I have received is how many don’t address all the qualifications for the position.

So, I would suggest when applying for an advertised job opening, address all that job posting’s qualifications in a cover letter or in a resume.

That will certainly get you on any short list for the interview.

If you can make things easier for a potential boss right from the beginning, keeping in mind that person will probably be a busy entrepreneur, paying attention to the job qualification details might be the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

As most job applicants can find it difficult to get an interview, amend  your resume and cover letter to actually speak to the skilled position that you are applying for. It will help your chances to get that interview.

Kelowna Capital News