Course helps prepare young babysitters

With Christmas holidays approaching, the Kelowna & District Safety Council has scheduled three babysitter training courses.

With Christmas holidays and New Year’s fast approaching, the Kelowna & District Safety Council has scheduled three babysitter training courses in November and December that will help prepare pre-teens for a safe holiday season full of babysitting.

Kelowna course dates are Nov. 19 and 26, Dec. 3 and 10, and Dec. 19 and  20, and will take place at the Kelowna & District Safety Council, 395 Hartman Rd.

All course dates run 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., with a one hour supervised lunch break, and are open to children ages ten and up.

These two-day courses offer 10 hours of actual training (excluding lunch breaks).

The course being offered is the Canada Safety Council’s babysitter training course,  widely recognized national program of its kind and is the only babysitter course that offers certification.

Many important topics will be discussed, such as the rights and responsibilities of the employer, the child, and the babysitter, and the developmental and behavioural characteristics of children of different ages.

Basic child care, nutrition, injury prevention, and basic first aid procedures will also be covered.

Babysitters will also learn how to react to emergency situations, and they will learn about a variety of games, songs, and toys that are appropriate for different age groups.

A special component of the course will prepare babysitters for handling the special needs of children who are visually impaired, hearing impaired, physically disabled, speech impaired, and mentally challenged.

“Although the Canada Safety council recommends that children don’t start babysitting until they are 12, the reality is that many 10 to 12 year-olds help care for their younger siblings,” said  Tania Meyer executive director.

“This course will give kids the skills and information necessary to be much safer and aware babysitters and helpers.

“Many parents also register their children in this course as an alternative to Home Alone classes, as the curriculum covered in this babysitting course is much more extensive than Home Alone curriculum and gives kids a greater sense of the responsibilities involved.”

The registration fee is  $60 and includes a KDSC Babysitter’s Gear Bag, a comprehensive student reference book, and a graduation card and certificate.

All classes are expected to sell out, so contact the Kelowna and District Safety Council at 250-765-3163 to register or for more information.

Online registration will also be possible by mid-November.

More information is available at