Tim Nutt will fend for Ogopogo in a live taping of The Debaters

Tim Nutt will fend for Ogopogo in a live taping of The Debaters

Culture opens its doors to all starting Saturday in Kelowna

Which is the more viable mythical creature—Ogopogo or Sasquatch?

Which is the more viable mythical creature—Ogopogo or Sasquatch?

Thankfully for Kelowna, civic pride will see local comedian Timothy Nutt fend for the lake monster when he faces off against Vancouver monster comedian Roman Danylo on next week’s live taping of CBC’s The Debaters.

For its 75th anniversary, the national broadcaster is throwing open the doors on a multi-day, cross-country open house event during Culture Days, which culminates, for Kelowna audiences, in a special taping of three episodes of The Debaters on Tuesday.

This is Nutt’s first time taping the show in his hometown, though he is a bit of a veteran at debating topical, twisted, inane and insane questions for the hit show with topics like: “Does Canada need a makeover?”

“For comedians, there are only two types of shows,” said Nutt from his lakeside home. “‘I cannot believe they’re paying me to do this’ and ‘Give me my money.’”

Kelowna will be hoping for “I cannot believe they’re paying me to do this” as Nutt tries to explain why this city’s exalted mascot, the muse for our Bernard Street public art and the character who outshines all others as our official float, parts the sea of mythical beings and should reign supreme over Sasquatch.

Asked whether he believes in Ogopogo, Nutt admitted he’s got a pretty good view of the creature’s supposed home and is a little skeptical. But he has heard from many people, including his daughter’s day care teacher, that they’ve seen it with their own eyes. “The compelling evidence seems to be that it’s either a sturgeon or rogue waves, but on the other hand, the problem is there’s thousands of eye witness reports.”

Following Danylo and Nutt’s round at the microphone, Charlie Demers and Paul Myrhaug will debate beer versus wine, followed by Rebecca Kohler and Ivan Decker on the topic “Women need to accept that all men are projects.”

If it’s actually possible to follow such a statement with another debate, Jeffery Yu and Darcy Michael will give “Keep kids off the Internet for as long as possible” a go and Erica Sigurdson and Graham Clark will try “Will video stores be missed?”

Finally Al Rae and Charlie Demers will wind the evening down with “Karl Marx: Is it time to give him another look?”

The three episodes of the show will start taping at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 4 at the Kelowna Community Theatre. To be an audience member and decide who wins or loses, go to www.selectyourticekts.com.

As part of the Culture Days festivities, on Oct. 1 all CBC offices across the country will hold an open house, which in Kelowna includes a tour of brand new office space, at 243 Lawrence Ave., from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

With the launch of a new afternoon program and new host on the morning show, there should be plenty of opportunity to get acquainted with the updated CBC crew and venue. There will also be a gigantic sale of 23 years worth of CDs with the money going to the Kelowna Food Bank.

For Culture Days the Rotary Arts Centre for the Arts, at 421 Cawston Ave., will host an open house Oct. 1 from 1-4 p.m. Come and try what’s creative and educational within the centre’s wall. The facility will offering everything from jewelry making to pottery to salsa dancing. Visit www.rotarycentreforthearts.com.

Also in the RCA’s Mary Irwin Theatre this weekend, CBC’s Sheryl MacKay, host of North by Northwest, will tape a another free show: June Goldsmith’s Why Music Works. The program includes Goldsmith talking about the life and music of Chopin and will see Vernon-based performers Colleen and Alicia Venables on air. To reserve a seat email rsvp.radio@cbc.ca.

And the Kelowna Art Gallery’s open house on Oct. 1 is from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., with free, interactive activities for people of all ages that celebrate the visual arts in our region.





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