Cyclepath Kelowna takes experience to the snow

Beginning this fall Cyclepath will offer winter sports gear for downhill skiing.

For 17 years, Kelowna has depended upon the expertise and passion of Cyclepath staff to enhance the cycling experience for riders of all levels. Now, Cyclepath is taking their expertise to the snow. Beginning this fall they will offer winter sports gear for downhill skiing.

Downhill skis, bindings, boots, poles and accessories will begin to arrive by the end of September, so when Kelowna winter rolls in, Cyclepath will be ready. They have been ramping up their staff for the past six months in anticipation of these new product offerings.

In light of becoming a top ski shop in Kelowna, they have reflected the change in their brand— now known as Cyclepath  Cycle & Snow.

“Even though we have not yet sold skis in-shop, we are not new to skiing. I have been a skier for more than 25 years and every one of our staff is into winter outdoor activities,” said owner Garry Norkum, “We understand this industry and are ready to meet the needs of Kelowna.”

Key partnerships with quality brands have helped. Cyclepath’s flagship line of skis is Elan, the largest manufacturer of skis in the world. Elan is at the forefront of technology when it comes to skis and bindings.

Understanding the technology is an important part of sales. Cyclepath has a staff technician with more than 10 years experience providing technical servicing of skis. Cyclepath has invested in the equipment and personnel to ensure professional quality service and tuning. Customers can already begin to bring their winter skis and boards in for waxing and tuning.

“We have been serving the younger generation, families and serious adult cyclists for years. We have helped kids find the perfect first bike, then watched them grow and provide bikes to their kids,” Norkum said.

“Now, we will have the pleasure of seeing our customers grow and experience the joys that downhill skiing has to offer.”


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