Entrepreneur groups agree to join forces

The Okanagan Valley Entrepreneurs Society has formed a partnership with the Canadian Youth Business Foundation.

The Okanagan Valley Entrepreneurs Society in partnership with the Canadian Youth Business Foundation will form a new partnership to help provide potential young entrepreneurs the opportunity to access start-up financing, a hand-matched mentor and business resources.

“As the founding chair and creator of this unique and innovative Society in British Columbia, it gives me great personal pleasure to be associated with a nationally recognized and extremely effective foundation such as CYBF whose mandate is aligned with ours—to contribute to the creation of new young entrepreneurs in the Okanagan Valley region,” said Joel Young, a Capital News business columnist.

Founded in 1996, CYBF is a charitable organization that provides start-up mentoring, financing and business resources to young Canadians aged 18-34, based on their character and strong ideas, not collateral, who desire to start a new business.

From trades, to retail, to high tech, CYBF supports entrepreneurs in a variety of fields. CYBF is able to deliver their vital programs from coast to coast through important community partnerships with organizations such as the Okanagan Valley Entrepreneurs Society

Canadian Youth Business Foundation is a national non-profit organization that provides startup funding, on an unsecured basis, up to $15,000 for young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 34 years.