Hodge: The problem with making resolutions is keeping them

How many of you made a New Year’s resolution? How many of you have still kept them?

How many of you made a New Year’s resolution?

How many of you have still kept them?

Good for you if you answered in the affirmative because keeping a New Years’ resolution is just about as tough as making one up.

That was the big dilemma for me on the recent annual turn of the calendar? What should I promise to do—or never do again?

New Year’s resolutions can be a blessing or a bane, depending upon a number of factors.

Your success rates is directly correlated to how much you really want to succeed and whether or not you have the intestinal fortitude to face the chosen challenge.

The first rule to making a New Year’s resolution is to take a line of wisdom from sages of the past and “know thyself.”

If you’re good at keeping your word, facing insufferable challenges, denying yourself your desires and cravings, chewing your nails and other sorts of masochistic stuff, then make your resolution a tough one. Push yourself.

If you are a wimp like me, keep it simple.

Go for easy things to do like exercise more. (Lightly jog to the beer fridge rather than shuffle).

Or better yet, pledge to do something you have already done and then just go through the motions.

This a great plan, but be warned, it can have flaws.

For instance, several years ago I knew a fella who quit smoking three weeks prior to New Year’s just so he could safely announce (at a long-planned mega New Year’s bash) that he was quitting and impress everyone.

For three clandestine weeks he suffered in silence and no one actually noticed.

Ironically, he got rather inebriated that New Year’s eve and sometime around 2 a.m. forgot he had quit and lit up.

The icing on everyone’s cake was that he was foolish (and into his pints enough) to also admit to his three-week charade. Pathetic.

But I digress, as usual.

Resolutions are never easy.

I thought Teresa was brilliant this year. She quit smoking three months ago, (yes, just before the dreaded election) and is still clean. Atta girl.

When asked what her resolution was she said she recently quit smoking and claimed immunity to any further commitments for at least a few months due to exhaustion.

Everyone nodded approvingly, patted her shoulders with praise, and moved on to someone else to harass.

I have a dismal track record of blundered promises over the years, so I figured I’d go easy on myself.

I decided to make a resolution I had a good chance to fulfill so I went  with no more elections this year.

As far as I know, there are no elections planned this year so that makes the odds of breaking my promise pretty low and the odds of success high.

Since I have absolutely no interest in party politics, such as those played at the provincial or federal level, and clearly no idea how to play party politics at the municipal level, I should be okay.

With no election on the horizon this year, I should be pretty safe and therefore certainly not sorry.

Unless of course there’s a by-election.

Aside from resolutions each new year, I also like to think up some funky, hip, little jingle to quote throughout the year, such as “Happiness yet again in 2010” or “Life will be Heaven in 2011.”

But what the heck rhymes with 12?

Somehow or other “Your dreams you can shelve in 2012” just seems too negative.

Hmmm, I may have to get back to you on this one.


Two great events are already in motion for early 2012.

You might want to jot them down while you are still feeling all efficient and perky.

On Saturday, Jan. 28 at the Kelowna Curling Club you can take part in the fun-filled second annual Bedford Place Rock the House curling bonspiel,

The day will be capped off by a delicious dinner and fundraiser with the money going to an excellent cause, assisting Bedford House and the John Howard Society.

Meanwhile, on Feb 2, eight bands and musical acts are lined up for a concert fundraiser event at the Kelowna Community Theatre to help Capital News photographer Sean Conner.

Connor has just returned from several weeks of major treatment in California for a brain tumour.

He’s very positive about the treatments and passes on his sincere thanks to those who supported him and his wife while he was undergoing the intense procedures in the Sunshine State.

The concert promises to be a terrific night, so hold the date open on your schedule.

More info on this event in coming weeks.

Charlie Hodge is a freelance writer living in Kelowna.




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