Kelowna company launches coconut milk frozen yogurt

"Coconut milk frozen yogurt establishes goji’s position as the definitive leader in the milk and dairy alternative category."

Goji’s Frozen Yogurt announced the launch of coconut milk yogurt – the very first and only coconut milk frozen yogurt in Canada.

Coconut milk frozen yogurt establishes goji’s position as the definitive leader in the milk and dairy alternative category.

“goji’s prides itself on our many healthy options and we’re ecstatic about this latest addition to our offerings.    Not only is coconut milk yogurt dairy-free, but you also have the added health benefits of coconut and of the added probiotics,” said Tom Ostoich, goji’s research and development specialist.  “It really is a win, win, win.  It is also extra creamy with that unique natural coconut flavour.”

Lactose intolerance affects over seven million Canadians while many others are simply choosing to reduce their dairy consumption, go dairy free or go vegan to establish a healthier lifestyle.  The demand for this type of product is great.  Coconut milk yogurt is a plant based dairy alternative, and also a low calorie option with many added health benefits.  Studies have shown populations that eat a lot of coconut are among the healthiest people in the world.  After over two years in development, this new health food has come to fruition and is now available exclusively at goji’s.

“Many frozen yogurt stores hide their ingredients and for too long the industry has relied on gimmicks and artificially created and flavoured products containing aromatic alcohols,” said Ostoich.  “We’re proud of the real ingredients in our products and we want to tell you about them.  Our yogurt contains natural ingredients that you can feel good about eating and we feel good about serving to you.  Whether it’s a quick 300-calorie lunch with coconut milk yogurt, fresh fruit and granola or a dessert after dinner, it’s an appealing real food choice.”

In the spring of 2014, goji’s launched their very first dairy alternative plant-based product, almond milk yogurt, which is also exclusive to the Canadian franchise.  It has been one of the franchise’s top sellers ever since.

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