The McIntosh Centre on Leckie Road is complete and ready for tenants.

The McIntosh Centre on Leckie Road is complete and ready for tenants.

New office building ready for business

Former Shaw building in Kelowna uniquely finished adds to the area’s growing business operations

A new four-storey office building is ready for business and looking for tenants and a familiar name is behind the operation, called the McIntosh Centre on Leckie Road.

Four storey’s high, with over 74,000 square feet and beautiful glass walls, the McIntosh Centre is owned by the Bennett family, adding to the family’s office rental operations in the city. The group purchased the building from Shaw in 2015, who had begun construction in back in 2008.

Now the building is finished, in style, and is ready to begin hosting tenants.

“You walk into the lobby and you have glass walls all the way down on the left side with a great water-effect and high-end stone finishing,” said Steve Laursen, the commercial broaker in charge of leasing the space. “It’s the finishing in the building and the unique feature of the floor to ceiling glass that make it feel like you are in something different than the traditional office.”

Potential for tenants ranges from a company that could utilize one entire floor at 19,000 square feet, down to smaller operations. Sitting on a three-acre parcel of land, parking is a key component in attracting tenants as the building will be able to offer one parking stall for every 369 square feet of office space, higher than the standard in Kelowna, according to Laursen.

The area also provides a lot of amenities for potential businesses.

“For a lot of corporations there are amenities close by (that are attractive),” said Laursen. “There are three gyms within walking distance, three malls within walking distance, multiple restaurants, coffee shops and hotels for the out of town clients.”

The market for office space is competitive with other well-known areas of the city opening new office buildings, but Laursen said they are being patient and looking for the right tenants that can anchor the building, possibly utilizing one or more of the floors.

“It’s a tough market right now,” he said. “There are a lot of great buildings out there and a lot of competition but we feel as soon as we get people through the building they will like what they see and they will see what amenities are in the area. There’s a lot of businesses in the area and a lot of development.”