New relationship skills program offered

Smart For Love founder David Church launches 90-day program to strengthen inter-personal skills of participants.

A new company that teaches couples how to enjoy better relationships has chosen the Okanagan Valley as its headquarters, and will use the spectacular Sparkling Hill Resort as its signature venue for couples retreats with regional and global appeal.

Smart for Love is a new 90-day program designed to help couples transform their relationships by strengthening a set of key inter-personal skills. Founder David Church is an executive coach and master facilitator who developed and teaches this innovative program.

“Smart for Love begins with an inspiring couples retreat that I lead at Sparkling Hill Resort,” said Church. “At the retreat, I teach couples the 12 key skills of loving relationships. Then, each week following the retreat, I teach the couples how to practice each of these 12 key skills at home. When people practice these skills together, their relationship improves. Life and love get better.”

The Smart for Love relationship enhancement program can help any couple learn how to live happier, more successful lives. The program appeals to couples at all stages of life:

Those just starting out who want to lay a firm foundation for their relationship

Established couples who want to change old habits and realize their full potential

‘Emptnesters’ who want to refresh their relationship after the children leave

Couples going through retirement or some other major transition who want to live a joyful, satisfying life together

While unfulfilled couples relationships exist everywhere, the decision on where to launch Smart for Love was a practical one. “For couples to fully benefit from Smart for Love, I want them to experience what it feels like to spend time together in the best imaginable environment. I found that here in the Okanagan Valley.

“The Okanagan is an accessible destination with a great reputation, excellent tourism services and a warm, welcoming community,” said Church, a Winnipeg native. “And, like many others inspired by the Okanagan, I am keenly aware that this place has an inherent energy that makes it, literally, a valley of love. My dream is to make the Okanagan the first place people think of when they want to learn more about the experience of love.”

“Selecting Sparkling Hill Resort to host Smart for Love couples retreats was an easy decision. As soon as I walked in, I could feel its peaceful, healing energy. Then I toured the awe-inspiring guest rooms, breathtaking spa, and perfect meeting space. I knew that Sparkling Hill Resort would provide the ideal environment in which to create the definitive Smart for Love couples experience.”

Smart for Love also offers an intensive program for couples who are highly committed to an in-depth relationship transformation. The intensive begins with a five-day stay in an intimate Kelowna wellness centre, followed by 90 days of coaching and concluding with a weekend celebration.

“I’m also excited to be working with Natural Health Community to market my services within the region and beyond. My relationship with NHC gives me confidence that I can reach potential customers throughout the region efficiently, and I am part of a community of practitioners and healers whose complementary services will also benefit Smart for Love couples,” Church said.

Church  has more than 30 years experience as a professional coach, expert facilitator and management consultant who designs and leads processes to promote positive change in individuals, organizations and communities. He has worked with businesses, governments and not-for-profit organizations to build team spirit and enhance collective effectiveness.

He has a Masters of Arts degree in Human Systems Intervention (2005) from Montreal’s Concordia University. He also has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Providence College and a diploma in Creative Communications from Red River College.

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