New restaurant opens

Manteo Resort has undergone many weeks of renovation, but all was revealed Monday as the new restaurant opened to the public.

Offering a selection of craft beers

Offering a selection of craft beers

Manteo Resort has invested more than $1.5 million to totally renovate and expand its eating space to include a new lounge and restaurant called Smack Dab, which will ultimately include the largest lakeside outdoor patio in the city.

Instead of typical wine country cuisine, Smack Dab features a wide selection of craft beers as well as local wines, along with great gourmet pizzas and other foods, for a different experience.

Included will be appetizers, sharing plates, entrees and desserts featuring fresh, local ingredients wherever possible, as well as 12 craft beers on tap and 20 by the bottle from Pacific Northwest producers.

The new indoor part of the restaurant opened to the public Monday, while the outdoor patio, separated by floor to ceiling glass doors that can be opened right up, is expected to be ready in May.

A private dining room for meetings and other events is also a feature of the new space.

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