New voice for students at OC

Charlotte Kushner's 26-year career at Okanagan College takes a new direction as she becomes vice-president of students.

Charlotte Kushner is the new vice-president of students at Okanagan  College.

Charlotte Kushner is the new vice-president of students at Okanagan College.

Charlotte Kushner is adding a new role to her 26-year relationship with Okanagan College—vice- president of students.

Kushner has been appointed to the college administrative executive after a nation-wide recruitment search to fill the vacant position.

Kushner spent the past year on leave from her regular position as director of continuing studies at Okanagan College and joined the college executive on an interim basis following Steve Koehle’s retirement from the position last summer.

“It has been a privilege to work with Charlotte throughout many years at Okanagan College,” said school president Jim Hamilton.

“Charlotte is a strong and capable leader who has a great ability to bring her colleagues together.

“Her depth of experience and knowledge of the institution is a tremendous asset and will be of great benefit to students as well as those who work here.”

Throughout her 26 years with Okanagan College, Kushner has held a number of positions and has experience working in both credit and non-credit program areas.

She joined the college as a contract-training administrator for continuing education and subsequently moved into a management role for extension programming before moving into senior management in continuing studies.

In addition to her regular duties at Okanagan College, Kushner has invested a great deal of her time in institution-wide committees and initiatives including the Education Council, the Joint Union Management Committee and the Library Advisory Committee.

“Okanagan College has been such an important part of my career development and life,” said Kushner.

“With every year and through the many different roles I have held I have learned so much,” she said upon the appointment.

“I am really looking forward to this position, as it provides new opportunities to be involved in contributing to the success of Okanagan College in the future.”


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