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Safety concerns lead to multiple sets of triple speed bumps at busy Salmon Arm mall

‘We’ve had more than a few close calls with pedestrians in front of Canadian Tire…’
Drivers entering the Mall at Piccadilly parking lot from 10th Street SW on Tuesday, May 2 were greeted by new triple speed bumps intended to improve pedestrian safety. (Lachlan Labere-Salmon Arm)

Drivers at the Mall at Piccadilly have nine new reasons to pump the brakes.

On Tuesday morning, May 2, the mall had new asphalt speed bumps installed by the Canadian Tire entrance off 10th Street SW. They were placed one on either side of existing bumps, with an another cluster of three added.

Mall property manager Lori Cymbaluk explained the new speed bumps were put in for public safety.

“We’ve had more than a few close calls with pedestrians in front of Canadian Tire with the garden centre there,” said Cymbaluk. “There’s a lot of people that cross back and forth.

“We put in the singles a while back and we’ve been monitoring it since last year. We were finding that people now are used to the singles, and they would go over one and race to the next one, and then go over the next one and race to the next. We’ve had reports several times of people almost being hit.”

Cymbaluk said a few designs were looked at before deciding on the triple speed bump configuration.

“We’re going to monitor it for the next little bit – if we need to make alterations to them we will,” said Cymbaluk.

Asked if there is a speed limit for the parking lot, Cymbaluk said it’s 15 km/hr around the back of the mall and, in the front, “we would expect people to be slower than that.”

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