Shaping the Ant Hill workspace plan

The popularity for social enterprise is rooted in business leaders wanting to realize social and environmental goals.

The growing popularity for social enterprise is rooted in the fact that resilient business leaders want to realize social and environmental goals through creative business ventures.

And that is just what the leaders behind the Ant Hill Collective believe.

The Ant Hill is the brainchild of business owners from three small Kelowna businesses, GreenStep, Reevolution and Keen Energy Solutions.

“Many business owners today are digging deeper than the bottom line, looking for ways to make a meaningful difference in the world, while making a living,” said Angela Reid-Nagy, GreenStep’s CEO. “We want to create a dream workspace not only for ourselves, but for other like-minded entrepreneurs in the Okanagan”.

After hosting a successful launch party to gather interested people, the Ant Hill Collective Workshop was held last weekend to solidify ideas to design a co-workspace.

“Rather than building a workspace and then finding people to fill it, we want to find the right people and then build it together,” said Emmanuel Lavoie, Reevolution CEO. “Find them, and it will be built” added Reid-Nagy.

“There is a lot of creative energy in Kelowna and we want to harness it at the workshop and allow participants to have a say in building their dream space where we can all work together to share ideas, projects, expenses and a social atmosphere, said Lavoie.

The Ant Hill Collective has attracted all kinds of professionals from artists, freelancers, independent consultants and small businesses focused on making the world a better place, the very nature of social entrepreneurism.