Michael Urban

Michael Urban

Spirits raised for Lotto Max $1 million winner

Michael Urban of Kelowna has been given the most pleasant shock of his life.

It will continue to be life as usual for a Kelowna businessman who $1 million after matching the 7/7 numbers in the Lotto Max jackpot draw on July 6.

Michael Urban, owner of Urban Distilleries in Kelowna, said he couldn’t believe his eyes after checking the drawn numbers against those on his ticket.

“My first thought was disbelief,” Urban said.

Urban said it was after the draw date before he even checked his ticket numbers.

“My sister called to say that the winning ticket had been sold in West Kelowna,” Urban recalled. “I probably checked that ticket 20 times before it sunk in that it was me.”

Urban said the day of the draw, he had intended to buy a ticket but had forgotten to do so. He asked his sister to pick up a ticket for him on her way in to town from her West Kelowna home, which she did at the Shannon Lake Convenience Store, and she dropped it off with him and he reimbursed her for the cost.

“I don’t buy Lotto tickets a lot, more so just in the moment mabe three or four times a year,” Urban said.

While dropping $1 million into your bank account can make a huge change to your life, Urban says his only immediate plan is to take a holiday, perhaps in the Caribbean.

“I’ve been working with the business for the last year and half and not really had much time off, so I’ll probably take a vacation and put the rest into investments,” Urban said.

“No doubt though I will keep working. Even a $1 million can disappear pretty fast these days.”

This is the third of four major prizes won on the July 6 LOTTO MAX draw. Two $500,000 prizes have also been claimed, but a $369,267 winning ticket sold in Cranbrook remains unclaimed.

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