Dave Redekop

Dave Redekop

Top 40 Over 40 Presented by BDO: Dave Redekop

Kelowna Chamber of Commerce hosts Top 40 Over 40 program

The Kelowna Chamber of Commerce is once again launching its ‘Top 40 Over 40 presented by BDO’, to celebrate individuals in the community over the age of 40.

These are people who showcase as mentors, champions and role models and who encourage and foster the future leaders of the community.

The Kelowna Chamber is highlighting new honourees between February and July 2021. Each year the program alternates between Over 40 and Under 40 Honourees. This is the sixth year of the program as 2021 marks an “Over 40” year.

Dave Redekop arrived in the Okanagan in 1998. In his first job, the company managed the largest transaction in software in the valley in history to that point, $150 million, with the sale of Workfire Technologies to Packeteer Canada.

That transaction launched the software industry in Kelowna and many of those who were a part of it are still a part of the community today, many having gone on to other endeavours.

Since that transaction in 2000, Dave has been part owner in Tree Brewing.

He also was part-owner in an airline in Terrace, he founded several technology start-ups, and started a public company called Decisive Dividend, which went from a value of zero to $50 million in five years.

Decisive purchased four Okanagan companies and brought investment and management expertise that kept jobs in the Okanagan that might have gone elsewhere if sold to foreign entities.

Dave has been the founder, controller and/or CFO, partner and/or director in many companies in Kelowna including:

• Workfire Technologies – Founder/Controller Itiva

• Development Corporation – Founder/CFO

• Hawkair Aviation – Director/Shareholder/Partner/CFO

• Itiva Development – Founder/CFO/Director

• Poyoville Technologies – Founder/CFO/Director

• Irok2 Technologies – Founder/CFO/Director

• Decisive Dividend Corporation – Founder/CFO/Director RWT Growth Inc. – Partner

He always wanted to be in a position in the companies that he gets involved in to be an influencer on policy and an advocate for sound business practices and strong corporate governance.

All employees have to be treated fairly and equitably in his view.

While not all of his companies have been successes, no employees were ever treated unfairly or went unpaid for services provided.

At Decisive Dividend, he was personally responsible for the acquisition of five companies, and also was primarily responsible for raising $22 million to fund these acquisitions.

His shareholders were happy with his leadership and were always appreciative of how hard Dave worked to provide them with value for their stock.

In the community, Dave has been actively involved in volunteering to clean up his neighbourhood in West Kelowna related to garbage caused by wild bears and trash, including spending time and money to hire local young people to help.

He has also filled a role in local political campaigns. Dave donates to Kelowna Gospel Mission, and a charity in the Lower Mainland that assists Indigenous youth to attend and graduate high school and post-secondary school.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Calgary and a Chartered Professional Accountant degree from the Chartered Professional Accountants of B.C.

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