Video animation production expanding in Okanagan

New deal struck for Kelowna company to start up a new gaming and animation studio.

A Kelowna company has announced plans to start up a new gaming and animation studio.

Yeti Farm Creative plans to expand its existing studio facilities in Kelowna.

“We are excited to expand our studio, established in 2008, in Kelowna, with two new significant contracts for the game and animation markets,” said a news release from the company.

“This will add five full time positions to the Kelowna animation industry. Our growth focus and current growth has been with the emerging need for high-end creative for the commercial and advertising sectors, so we are excited to offer a new expanded division to deliver the same high calibre creative on a very cost competitive model to the game and animation sectors.”

The principal owners behind Yeti Farm are Todd and Ashley Ramsay

The Okanagan Film Commission has been actively working in the background to drum up interest in animation and gaming production investment in the region.

“I am a huge gamer myself and it is a huge industry,” said Okanagan film commissioner Jon Summerland. “We want the game companies to come to the Okanagan.

“We can offer cost efficiency for the companies and a quality of life for their employees. We already have a substantial gaming influence here with Disney and Rocket Snail. The Okanagan is gaining a great reputation as the place for this business. “

The Okanagan Film Commission will be hosting an animation luncheon in Vancouver on Saturday for more than 20 major animation/gaming companies to promote the Okanagan as a place for them to do business.

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