Water conservation campaign spreading across Kelowna

Bottles For Change campaign to provide Kettle Valley residents with an easy solution to conserve water in the bathroom.

On Oct. 17 Kettle Valley residents will be provided the opportunity to reduce their water consumption with an easy and effective solution – a plastic bottle filled with sand. The environmental initiative known as Bottles For Change will be launched by Open For Change Enterprises Inc. (OFC), a Kelowna-based social enterprise.

OFC volunteers will canvass door-to-door offering free plastic bottles filled with sand. By displacing water in toilet tanks, households will save water and money with every flush.

“We want to show how easy water conservation can be, while inspiring the community to get involved. We’re providing an effective solution free of charge. People just have to drop them in their toilet tanks,” says Michael Lavigne, CEO of Open For Change. “I think most people want to make a difference in the environment and are willing to perform a small task if they believe it will contribute towards a larger measurable impact.”

Calculations of the total amount of water currently saved per day are displayed on OFC’s website (www.OpenForChange.com/BottlesForChange). The successful outcome for OFC’s last Bottles for Change campaign can also be seen here:  bit.ly/BFC1RSLT.  OFC intends to repeat the Bottles For Change campaign until they have reached their goal of saving 1,000,000 litres of water a day.

OFC is still looking for volunteers to help distribute bottles to the community on Oct. 17. To get involved, email Info@OpenForChange.com, or call 250-869-7809.

This is the third community outreach campaign held by OFC. February’s Love Inn for homelessness awareness earned a total contribution value of over $82,400, in support of Metro Community, Okanagan Boys & Girls Club Emergency Youth Shelter, and Inn from the Cold (bit.ly/LoveInnRSLT).



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