Kwikfit is a local company in the Okanagan and Laura is a Certified Natural Health Consultant. Image: Contributed Kwikfit.

Kwikfit is a local company in the Okanagan and Laura is a Certified Natural Health Consultant. Image: Contributed Kwikfit.

Worried about COVID-19?

Protection from viruses using whole body vibration

Covid 19 is a very scary virus, especially if you have health conditions that make you susceptible to contracting this virus.

Whole body vibration has been proven through studies to protect from viruses in most cases, or if you do have Covid 19 it shown to deduce the duration of this virus.

Whole body vibration has been proven to increase lung and heart capacity, increase immune system, reduce Inflammation, better circulation, increase oxygen to kill bacteria, and brain health.

This equipment is also used for many conditions to reduce symptoms eg. M.S, Diabetes, High blood pressure, Arthritis, F.M, Lymph issues, extra weight, wheelchair bound etc.

During this time of isolation, we are experiencing depression, no energy, no motivation, brain fog, loneliness, this is natural when we have lost our freedom to do what we are use to do, this is detrimental to our health and makes us more susceptible to getting sick.

I suggest creasing your good food intake, up some of your vitamins and for brain health D3 and Omega, getting exercise is the most important thing we can do.

The body is made to move to increase circulation, detoxify, increase the feel good hormones, increase flexibility, preventing the body from breaking down.

“I myself ( Laura)have chronic conditions and was over weight, so exercise was not something I wanted or could do. I found it was to difficult for me to try to exercise for an hour in a gym.

I was introduced to whole body vibration 12 yrs. ago, very hesitant, but what can I loose. I was not convinced that this would help, and nothing would change.

I was so wrong, this was a life saver, I lost weight, reduced pain, had energy and got off all my meds, seen a difference in the first month.”

I had bought the company Kwikfit Canada Ltd years ago, no regrets and have my certificate, Certified Natural Health Consultant.

My passion is to help as many people as I can and be their best. If you have poor health you have nothing as they say, so we have to be our best friend and look after that best friend.

Astronauts have been using this equipment since 1968 in space to retain muscle mass, bone mass, circulation, and helps with isolation depression and still use it to this day.

The best thing to do is include a good diet, reduce sugar intake, lots of water along with at least I hr. exercise or whole body vibration equipment.

There is a talk about the second wave coming so we all have to do our part to be as heathy as we can to reduce the risk.

Kwikfit Canada Ltd. supplies some Fitness Centers, Senior Residences, Health Clinics, etc. in the Okanagan ,and across Canada and U.S,

I find many people choose to have this equipment at home for the whole family and convenience.

The duration of one session on whole body vibration equipment is 10 mins. which equals to 1 hr. of walking or exercise, as you are working 95% muscle mass, so it is a whole body workout.

Whole body vibration is usually safe for all ages and conditions, pets also they need good health also.

Kwikfit is a local company in the Okanagan and Laura is a Certified Natural Health Consultant

If you have any questions or concerns, to see if this is a fit call Laura at 778 754 7400

laura@kwikfit4u.comor see our 50% 0ff summer sale

Stay Safe

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