Young: Changing worlds and changing lives is makeup artist’s dream

I wasn’t certain I would ever feel so compassionate about another person’s journey into the entrepreneurial world. But guess what? I was wrong.

I wasn’t certain I would ever feel so compassionate about another person’s journey into the entrepreneurial world. But guess what? I was wrong.

This week, I met a woman who is so dedicated to her entrepreneurial world that it almost chokes me into submission with its dedicated passion.

Let’s go back a bit and identify that Sharlene Kjorven (her married name) and her family immigrated from India and with three boys and a girl, her parents decided to settle in Richmond, which seems to embrace over the years a healthy population from around the world.

With an entrepreneurial mother and a father who was more traditional in his approach to life’s journey, Sharlene quickly realized that her work ethic would be her calling card and obtained her first job at 13 years of age at an A & W, providing a backdrop in the retail business sector.

While working in the school theatre, her future career vision began to formulate and Sharlene determined that makeup and skin care was a path that appeared very attractive.

During and after high school, Sharlene took courses with Blanche MacDonald, a famous esthetic training academy, and shortly thereafter moved into with a significant milestone in her life working for the Holt Renfrew department store in Vancouver where she quickly advanced to counter manager, where she remained for 10 years. There she arrived at the conclusion that skin care for everyone was to be her secondary career focus.

During 1999, Sharlene became a teacher at Blanche Macdonald and with a six-year professional partnership was able to develop and further enhance her skills in makeup and skin care with a freedom to enjoy experiences in the film and television industry.

By 2007, she was ready to move forward to her next milestone and worked in pharmaceutical sales mostly in skin care and as she told me joyfully, she truly had wonderful memories working with an international skin care line Vivier, well known for its topical Vitamin C products within the medical community.

In this role, Sharlene counselled physicians and health spa professionals about how they could utilize skin care products to actually make a difference in people’s lives for the better.

During 2007-2008, while helping a friend and a relative set up a store, Sharlene met her husband, an Albertan.

The new couple decided to begin their married life fresh in a new environment where Sharlene could kick-start her career as a bona fide entrepreneur with her own enterprise.

Goodness knows, she had prepared herself with conviction and determination to help others learn how to take care of the skin they were created with and to be proud of their abilities to do so.

In 2009, the couple settled in the Central Okanagan and the SHAR Skincare & Rouge professional retail and service Centre was created and launched on Ellis Street in downtown Kelowna.

Sharlene Kjorven, whom I shall now refer to as Shar, is a make up artist with 14 years experience in nearly every aspect of the industry.

She has been esteemed as a cosmetic ambassador by some of the world famous lines working alongside national makeup artists from around the world.

Shar is a firm believer in skin care and makeup education.

“I like to establish a relationship of trust and confidence with each of my clients, for them to know how and why to use the right products—for them.”

Shar’s love of the industry has kept her on the forefront of the many changes and innovations in the market in terms of techniques and products.  It was only time before, she couldn’t hold herself back any longer and the move to the Okanagan, proved very timely as it prompted the entrepreneurial soul that she is to break out on her own.

Ironically, I met Shar only after my wife and daughter had visited her centre on Ellis Street and couldn’t stop raving about this passionate and knowledgeable woman who is truly an ambassador, not only of health, skin and beauty but, of life itself.

What a joy.

I recommend that you visit Shar at her skin care centre and check out her web site as well.

Joel Young is an entrepreneurial leadership coach, consultant and educator and the  founder of the Okanagan Valley Entrepreneurs Society.



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