Young: Chasing an entrepreneurial dream

Andrea Lindal, of Kelowna, has started up her second digital communications company.

Many times fledgling entrepreneurs don’t realize they have actually begun their journey.

Experiences in their lives sometimes lead them to the potential opportunity to become an entrepreneur.

Andrea Lindal, self-employed owner of Lexabi Communications, a digital marketing and communications venture began to acknowledge her entrepreneurial fantasies while still in college where she was pedalling homemade jewelry to local businesses.

After graduating from college, Lindal began significant skills development while employed with at the Capital News.

She worked for almost 10 years with this newspaper in a variety of jobs.

Over the years, Lindal gained knowledge in website development to the degree that in 1997, she arrived at a crossroads.

She decided to create her first venture, Stripes Design, and ran it successfully until deciding it was time to devote her time to being a mother.

After her two children were born, Lindal returned to the corporate world in digital marketing

and communications until her children were old enough for her to spread her entrepreneurial wings  once again.

Lexabi Communications was born in January, a stronger more vibrant

version of the earlier Stripes Design, inspired by Lindal’s two children, Alexander and Abigale .

Lexabi has moved Lindal to a whole new height for her entrepreneurial ventures.

She told me that she always worked best for herself, as self-employment seemed to be her preferable mantra, an idea always in the back of her mind as she planned for her re-entry into the entrepreneurial world.

Lindal spent  six months preparing for this new dream venture with her business plan, a needs survey and market assessment interview with anyone who would sit still long enough to listen to her vision.

During her research,  she learned just how dramatically things have changed in the digital world since 1997.

She felt at that time that it was somewhat difficult to explain to clients

why they may need to build a website for their venture.

With Lexabi, Lindal said that premise is now obvious to everyone with the challenges of a new economy and its value elements.

Lindal says social media  has taken the communications industry in an entirely new direction and she loves it, discovering for herself, to her joyful amazement, that operating a venture is easier than it was 16 years ago.

Interesting for me, Lindal’s role model who pushed  her to launch her venture was Arlene Dickenson, of Dragon’s Den television fame.

Dickenson’s success convinced Lindal that she could do it, with her past experience in business selling jewelry in college and then starting a cleaning company with her aunt which led her to ultimately start Stripes Design.

Lindal said creating Lexabi was much easier

because she had already achieved that milestone before and was able to use some of the lessons learned and apply them from the beginning of this new business equation.

Lexabi Communications is geared to serving a truly digital age in the Okanagan, while globally Lindal says she and her team are equipped with the knowledge, experience and dedication to facilitate long-term successful relationships with their clients.

Lindal said she doesn’t feel for one minute that Lexabi is a big risk for her, that she feels her trade-offs are very good as she is able to pick up her children from  school and choose her working hours.

Lindal has got it worked out.

She has seized her dream and then some.

So keep on truckin’

Andrea, we are on the sidelines cheering you on.

Joel Young is the  founder of Okanagan Valley Entrepreneurs Society.


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