Young: Create a staff entrepreneurial attitude

People with entrepreneurial minds are driven more by results than routine.

In no matter what kind of organization—from small companies to home-based businesses to large corporations—employees can become entrepreneurial-style owners, responsible for more than just keeping a job.

They can become emotionally and intellectually vested in making every minute count toward achieving the goals of their organization while reinforcing their  own career aspirations.

People with entrepreneurial minds are driven more by results than routine.

Both the company created, and the individual entrepreneur may reap immediate benefits in profit, performance and sense of purpose when people are encouraged and taught to use their ingenuity, invest themselves in their work, and expect exponential results for their effort.

Now let’s bring into the mix the dimension of  entrepreneurial leadership.

A huge part of becoming an entrepreneurial leader is learning to simplify complexity, enabling your entrepreneurial team to act with self-confidence in the tasks assigned to them, with the innovative and creative juices that one might logically expect given the atmosphere of new venture inspiration.

So when do you know this entrepreneurial mindset has kicked in?

I have come to the realization it’s when you begin to think and act like the unusual people we might call habitual entrepreneurs, people who have made careers out of creating new ventures whether working within existing businesses or  independent start-ups.

The point in our journey to recognize how they think, how they behave and exactly what it is they do so extremely well.

They truly capitalize on uncertainty rather than avoid it, and create simplicity where others see complexity.

They embrace learning that comes from taking calculated risks.

These entrepreneur types recognize that when opportunities are fleeting, it’s sometimes more expensive to be slow rather than to be wrong.

As a consequence of this, they will find solutions that are roughly right it seems rather than consume time developing an analytically correct answer.

This special entrepreneur grouping has an immense amount of insight and experience to offer you and me.

They passionately seek new opportunities in a wide range of paths.

They pursue opportunities with enormous discipline.

They pursue only the very best opportunities.

They focus on execution, that is to say taking action toward results instead of analyzing to death every step along the way.

And finally, they engage the energies of absolutely everyone within their domain, involving people both internally and externally to their sphere of reference.

They create and sustain networks of relationships, rather than going it alone.

They make the most of the intellectual and other resources offered in their journey and, in turn, help those people to achieve their goals as well

These are some of the absolute keys to the  entrepreneurial mind  that I have uncovered through my research.  They will unlock the potential of people working today, and open the doors of unlimited possibility in their worlds for the future.

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