Young: Don’t let passion be eroded by operating tasks

Keep that passion stoked even as the mundane but necessary daily tasks of operating a business occupy your time.

Passion is a powerful emotion. It ignites energy, enthusiasm and creativity and brings a meaningful purpose to one’s life.

I have been whimsically accused of having passion-plus (despite my age) when people hear me speak of the entrepreneurial spirit and its importance and relevance to our society.

The passion that motivates we entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs to take a risk and launch an entrepreneurial venture is also the “fuel” that keeps it moving ahead.

It’s important  to keep that passion stoked, to not let it fade as the mundane but necessary daily tasks of operating a business venture begin to occupy your time.

Remember when you first began to actually started and ultimately launched your entrepreneurial dream?

You were excited, full of passion, dreaming of a balanced life and venture success—you were a happy a happy and successful entrepreneur in the making.

Then somewhere along your journey, you woke up one morning and reality reared its ugly head as entrepreneurial success seemed to become more of a distant memory.

To cope, you convinced yourself to place your work/life balance in “freeze-frame.”

Studies have shown that your entrepreneurial attitude and mindset determine the level of venture success and life happy time more than anything else it would appear.

Often, the daily grind gets in the way. We find ourselves losing on the work/life scorecard balance and when we stop. Even for a short time, we forget the passion in our lives.

If we keep doing what we have been that throws our balance out of kilter, we’ll likely continue in a mishmash of imbalance and with a sense of unfulfillment clouding our days.

If you tell yourself, you are not happy with that outlook, you need to make changes now.

Realistically, sometimes a few small changes can have a drastic effect on our success and passion in life.

Maybe letting go a little can actually free up your time for more important endeavours.

Yes, some items granted are strategically important to your dream success and need to be handled by your good self.

But often a bit of a rethink will help you deal with these tasks in a more expedient fashion than what you might normally expect.

Then there are the time waster activities that, with a little innovation on your part, can be disposed of, deleted from our lives.

But allow me to get to the crux of my message today—ways to help keep your entrepreneurial passion aglow:

1. Keep the big picture before you always,  how you envision your entrepreneur dream outcome…

2. Set clearly defined and attainable goals, you know those bite-sized goals and daily to-do lists.  Celebrate your progress and embrace every strep that takes you closer to the goal-line.

3. Verbalize your passion. It’s highly contagious and letting your world know about your dreams will excite and energize you as well as inspire others in your audience.

4.Commit to explore new ideas. Fresh ideas can reignite your enthusiasm, enliven business and increase sales. Explore weekly meetings with yourself to step back and gain perspective and new possibilities.

5. Let your customers inspire you. Talk to them, listen, learn how you can make life easier for them in your entrepreneurial quest.

6. Review the why behind starting your entrepreneurial journey  in the first place, and rededicate yourself to pursue that dream.

7. Take care of yourself. Avoid the proverbial burnout syndrome. To make it over the long haul, it’s vital to achieve a balanced lifestyle.

Wow, I’m pooped just thinking of all this valued work we must undertake to keep our entrepreneurial passion afire.

But guess what? Here again is the success secret to entrepreneurial bliss—when creating more meaning in your life and rekindling that spark that got you there in the first place, your venture becomes more successful in the process.

Frankly, there is no trade-off in my opinion. You can have your cake and eat it too!

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