Young: Entrepreneurial option: The soul of personal change

Entrepreneurship, dear readers, is the greatest vehicle we know to allow us to simultaneously envision, dream, analyze, create and profit.

During tough economic times, entrepreneurial innovation and creativity  doesn’t take a vacation.

Discussion about the qualities inherent in entrepreneurs—desire, passion, positivity, commitment, patience and perseverance—all  dovetail nicely in the exchanges at each Okanagan Entrepreneurs Society Town Hall meeting.

Guest panel members and the audience share an amazing reservoir of real life experiences and knowledge.

That interaction leads to my thought for this week’s column, finding the entrepreneurial option in your life.

By definition, entrepreneurship not only involves uncertainty, innovation, creativity   and managerial competencies, but also a commitment to the strategic development, hopefully, of a growth-destined venture.

Although uncertainty, for example, might cause many to freeze, it can be used to your benefit.

Uncertain situations are chock full of potentially new opportunities.

I have written recently of the Canadian and American studies that highlight that entrepreneurship does flourish in tough economic times.

Your task, as a budding entrepreneur, is to continuously identify high-potential venture opportunities and reach to exploit such opportunities with speed and confidence. So uncertainty can become your ally, not your enemy.

I would suggest that successful entrepreneurship  may be easily perceived as an art form  more than as an economic activity.

As such, it’s difficult at times, as any other artistic activity, to explain it in terms of origin, method or environmental influence.

We would tend to express ourselves in an instrumental medium of sorts, we strive to create practical but unique outcomes to our entrepreneurial endeavour.

Just as one does not become a composer without the knowledge of music, one does not become a genuine entrepreneur without some knowledge of the venture process.

For the creative process I offer main ingredients I offer: previsualizing a desired outcome (identifying that product or service for the marketplace to fill a perceived need); and  impressing one’s creative vision upon a chosen and comfortable medium by accessing necessary resources and allocating them toward a  successful launch of your business venture.

The debate does continue over the years about entrepreneurial behaviour and this singular act of volition which has genuinely become so vital to our region, province and nation’s economic vitality.

Yes, innovation and creativity is necessary for the true success of a venture. But when I ask you to consider entrepreneurship as an option in your life, you must break down barriers and embrace the benefits of entrepreneurship.

What a better world we could have before us if we could encourage creative thinking, stretching minds to embrace truly great ideas for the betterment of society.

Entrepreneurship, dear readers, is the greatest vehicle we know to allow us to simultaneously envision, dream, analyze, create and profit.

It is a life journey like none other. Innovation and creativity, to repeat, is an entrepreneur’s heart and soul, and in no other enterprise can you live your life as your intuition dictates and enjoy the success that your mind creates.

I encourage you to  dare to dream.

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