Young: Health and business go together

Young entrepreneur starts healthy water business.

Just when I thought I covered the waterfront in my exploration of the broad spectrum of entrepreneurial research, I stumble on a new avenue of venture creation.

Not only has this discovery taught me how to look differently at what I put into my body health wise, but how an individual can think, act and behave entrepreneurially while embracing a journey to help this planet become more socially conscious.

Joel Kutschera was born in Kamloops 31 years ago to incredibly entrepreneurial parents, who together have launched 11 businesses to date.

The family left Kamloops when Joel was seven years of age. With their various business ventures, the family moved throughout the province until Kutschera  completed Grade 12.

It was during this time of learning from his parents activities that he began his own entrepreneurial journey. At age 12, he started a coin and  collectibles venture.

Sharing ideas with his sister, the two siblings displayed the profit motive to those around, while Kutschera himself began his personal mission to become informed, educated and to succeed.

As he moved into his teens, Kutschera  was one of the first people to bring iso-genics to Canada, focussing on products to lose weight and inspire healthy lifestyles. Despite his young age, Kutschera was becoming successful as a young entrepreneur beyond his imagination, happy that he had become adaptable to change…and new-found wealth.

After taking a short break to travel and enjoy some of his good fortune, Kutschera moved to Calgary in 2002 to become a poster boy of sorts for the iso-genics product line. He remained in that venture track until he felt ready to move to another entrepreneurial experience.

He launched his BodyNMind venture that was centered on anti-aging and cellular cleansing technologies. He eventually sold that business to move to his next plateau of interest—water.

Kutschera’s long-standing interest in personal health and the issue of food product toxicity kept his research at a high level as he found his interest drawing him to water companies more and more.

He wanted to experiment and gain experience in the water industry, so he went to work for Chris Collinson in 2008. Collinson opeated a water store in Kelowna.

A short time later, Kutschera presented a partnership proposal to Collinson, to become leaders in the production of Alkaline drinking water.

Their new companty,Vital Waters Inc., became a reality in 2009 as the two partners assembled a team of dedicated personnel to bring health to Okanagan families through their unique water product.

Since then, Vital Waters has developed a line of coffee products, skin and personal care products, water dispensing products and additional new products under development. The company has also been very fortunate to engage Dr. Roger Drinkwater, a Vernon resident and a reputed molecular biologist with international experience, as its chief technical consultant.

The partners excitedly told me they have added in their vision the creation of a model processing facility for their water and other product lines that may be replicated throughout the world.

If you spend 10 minutes with Joel Kutschera, you will quickly understand there is no such thing as “can’t” with him, just “do.”

Action is the mantra of this young Okanagan entrepreneur, who contributes admirably to charitable causes and recently participated in the first Okanagan Valley Entrepreneurship Roundtable last month.

Ambition is a virtue and Kutschera has a wonderful self-belief that everything is possible when we neglect to challenge the “how” and move to the “to” or the “get ’er  done” mantra.

I am proud to know Joel Kutschera. What’s not to like about a fellow entrepreneur who has only begun his personal journey yet has already accomplished so much.

Please check out Vital Waters site at or drop in for a taste of this healthy water product at 1923 Kent St. in Kelowna.

Joel Young is founder of the Okanagan Valley Entrepreneurs Society.



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