Young: Inspired to follow road to better health

Health and fitness is riding a wave of serious popularity as more people look at how they could lead healthier lives.

Health and fitness is riding a wave of serious popularity as more people of all ages and backgrounds look at how they could lead healthier lives.

Our nation has identified in study after study that many Canadians are not regularly active.

Plus, our nutritional body intake leaves us with a roller coaster ride toward questionable longevity.

The good news is that Canadians are noticing the need for healthier lifestyles and turning to health and fitness to bring us back to reality.

New entrepreneur minded people have taken advantage of this rapidly growing demand to promote health-consciousness in our communities.

I am pleased this week to present to you a story of one such person who passionately proclaims: “If I can, you can too…”

Let’s visit with Ryan Brown, one of Okanagan’s elite personal trainers through his IdolFit venture and examine how he blended his vision to help humanity get on the fitness and health track.

Brown was born into a non-business family with one sister to share his vision of the future.

He told me he had embraced a dream early on to be directly involved in the health industry.

During the 1998 to 2002 academic years at Medicine Hat College, he spent considerable time working in the recreation centre atmosphere also dabbling in the personal fitness regime.

Ironically, for someone who has risen to the fitness industry level he has attained, Brown let his guard down over these years and ballooned to 270 lbs while arriving at the milestone of his life for an entrepreneurial plateau—becoming genuinely entrepreneurial in his mindset.

I know each of us has heard of and, in some miraculous cases, experienced or witnessed overwhelming life changes.

I am so very happy to advise that Ryan Brown has dropped, with his new life fitness commitment, from 270 to 165 lbs. Wow! Are we jealous?

This incredible personal mindset change in Brown transformed him into a new unique person with an altered attitude about his health, his fitness and his life.

So much so, that in short order, he obtained a gold medal in Canadian powerlifting, quite an amazing accomplishment by itself.

Over a five year period from 1998 to 2002, while Brown obtained his degree at Medicine Hat College, he began to dabble in providing personal fitness training, consulting and coaching to a wide range of clients.

During that time, he met and fell in love with his sweetheart and got married in 2001. They moved to Kelowna in 2002 to pursue the Okanagan lifestyle.

Once here, Brown went back to college for an additional educational supplement in audio engineering while continuing part-time personal training.

The entrepreneur, he told me, was burning inside him as Brown was finding it very difficult to remove himself from the joyful experiences he was enduring helping others explore their personal changes in health and fitness.

When Brown completed his audio engineering program in 2004, he realized that his future truly lent itself to contributing to making a difference in people’s lives inspiring them to take health and fitness seriously.

During 2006 and 2007, Brown arrived at a pivotal point in his life—he became a full-time personal trainer.

He has since helped thousands of people strive to reach their optimum fitness levels. With his earlier technical background, Brown had learned the skills to begin preparing databases, trade marking names and zeroing in on an online fitness concept model that would allow you and I to perform sophisticated fitness routines in the privacy of our homes, offices, beachfronts, something relatively unheard of back then.

What is also very exciting about Brown’s new online fitness model is that you and I can obtain instant messaging with the health instructors who can advise us on the effectiveness of the exercise we have just performed.

All of this novelty for merely $1/day, and you and I can actually make some residual cash engaging others to join in with this online fitness model.

I am so pleased to present this online model and encourage everyone to explore Ryan Brown’s fitness tool at which was officially launched on June 1, for the global market to embrace.

You can be assured that here is a fitness entrepreneur who not only knows exactly what he is doing, but is totally committed to our health and happiness.

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