Young: Musical path to enlighten the entrepreneurial journey

Let the therapy of listening to these motivating songs gives you a push to get you moving closer to your entrepreneurial dream.

This week I thought that I would be slightly wicked and take a break from creative thought to offer some stimulus that I extracted from others—a top four entrepreneur song list.

These four songs relate to entrepreneurship in some fashion and could help to motivate, inspire, cheer or just make you mushy, gushy and teary-eyed again about your entrepreneurial dreams. Seriously, self-motivation is especially useful in entrepreneurship because you don’t have a boss to get that from.

These songs are the ones I may personally listen to in times of deep resolve and seemingly endless troubles, or just need some extra boost of optimism and inspiration, and, believe me, they do help a lot.

So here goes, a top four entrepreneurial song list for you:

• Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson—this is a personal favourite  as it often pertains to dreaming of adventures outside of the four walls of my office.

Any employee who is passionate about breaking free of their cubicle and exploring the wide world of entrepreneurship would certainly relate to this song. This song is of reaching your dreams and extending your reach beyond your grasp—of taking aim and taking flight.

Favourite Lines: “ I’ll spread my wings and I’ll learn to fly,

I do what it takes til I touch the sky,

Make a wish, take a chance,

Make a change and break away.”

Wow, this says it all doesn’t it for all you budding entrepreneurs?

• Power of the Dream by Celine Dion—this song reminds us that every great achievement, undertaking and entrepreneurial endeavour all started with a dream.

It tells us to not be afraid of dreaming and having the courage and faith to chase our dreams relentlessly until they manifest themselves.

Favourite Lines: “Your mind will take you far

The rest is just in your heart.

You’ll find your fate is all your own creation”

• A World Filled With Love by Age of Wonder—OK, I can get schmaltzy at times and for those who got it, yeah, this is from the ending song of Dragon Ball.  A very positive and light song, it seems, as it tells of ventures and adventures, of adversities and having the strength of heart and courage to overcome them.

Favourite Lines: Let’s not lose out precious time: They are really hard to find.

Let’s all go and find adventures in this life.

Oh, we may see some mysteries that puzzle everyone.

We must be strong to face them all like battles to be won.”

• We are the Champions by Queen—This song applies to so much of life including our entrepreneurial pursuits. Sometimes, you get that wonderful gush of excitement from achieving success after what can seem like a long haul of darkness and despair.

And, we will always tell ourselves that the celebration outcome should, in fact, rock the world.

Favourite Lines: “I’ve paid my dues; time after time;

I’ve done my sentence; but committed no crime;

And bad mistakes; I’ve made a few;

I’ve had my share of sand kicked in my face; But, I’ve come through –

We are the champions,  my friends;

And we’ll keep on fighting till the end;

We are the champions, We are the champions; No time for losers;

Cause we are the champions…of the world…

Hope the therapy of listening to these motivating songs gives you a push to get you moving closer to your entrepreneurial dream.