Young: Shopping experience can be a joy

About four months ago, my youngest daughter, Marissa, insisted I should visit a quaint consignment shop in Kelowna.

Every entrepreneur I meet while pursuing the activities of our local entrepreneurs society or conducting research for this column brings to me new excitement, knowledge and experience.

The joy I receive can’t be easily explained for  the success of our valley entrepreneurs who embrace positive change in their lives.

I often receive emails from loyal readers and fans of entrepreneurship.

About four months ago, my youngest daughter, Marissa, insisted I should visit a quaint consignment shop in Kelowna with the catchy name, Furniture Heaven.

So, on a “hang-out with my wife day,” we checked out Furniture Heaven on a sunny afternoon. We would become truly amazed by the  quality furniture products the store had to offer, home décor items and particularly the congenial demeanor of the sales staff.

The “ we’ll be back” resonated in my mind searching rapidly for a legitimate excuse to visit again in a more buy-something mindset.

Sometimes things are just meant to be, as after that visit I received an email from Glo McKinnon, proprietor of Furniture Heaven.

Asking McKinnon if she would allow me to create an article on her story, received a supportive “let’s do it” reply.

So I returned to Furniture Heaven on Banks Road in Kelowna, quite early before most of you  likely begin your days.

Upon entering the store, I was overwhelmed with the beautiful furniture display at the entrance.

McKinnon met me, provided me an early morning coffee and our visit began.

The world is not that large folks, as McKinnon informed me she was born in Thunder Bay, Ont., had two entrepreneurial sisters and parents who were in the music industry business, with her mother having previously hosted a television show in Saskatoon.

McKinnon took a business course and entered the secretarial world,  finally deciding to move to the Okanagan  when she was 29.

She then entered the furniture sales world at Sears, where her passion for decorating and entrepreneurship took root.

While employed at Sears, Glo excelled in the store’s “Whole Home University” course, specializing in interior design. She then tacked the federal government’s Community Futures Business Plan Program, arriving at the crossroads of becoming an Okanagan entrepreneur.

McKinnon launched her Furniture Heaven dream venture in February 2002, with the tag line that I think is priceless: “Upscale home furnishings at gently-used prices.”

But with McKinnon’s love of entrepreneurship, she quickly became a nominee for the “Rising Star” category at the 17th annual Kelowna Business Awards in 2005.

Her son Scott has since joined his mother in the mix, bringing with him his experience in marketing, advertising and graphic design ads to help the business.

Whether you have furniture you are ready to part with or you are looking for that special unique item as the “forever” item, I encourage you to visit Furniture Heaven.

Don’t hesitate to ask Glo McKinnon about her thoughts on your home decorating ideas.

She focuses the abundance of her skills on servicing the customer in her store and takes considerable pride in having you enjoy the “experience” as a Furniture Heaven customer.

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