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100+ quilts donated to Westside Salvation Army, Kelowna Women's Shelter

Donations were made during the Quilt Festival in Peachland
Pictured here are (L-R) : Hana (KWS), Lenetta Parry (Community Engagement Manager of The Westside Salvation Army), and Erin Galley, President of the Pincushion Quilt Guild.

During the Quilt Festival in Peachland on June 8, more than 100 quilts were donated to the Kelowna Women's Shelter and the Westside Salvation Army.

The donations came from the Pincushion Quilt Guild. 

The quilts that were donated to Kelowna’s Women’s Shelter will go to those who are leaving their transition houses, as they move forward with their lives they will have a new quilt to take with them. 

According to the Westside Salvation Army’s Lenetta Parry,  “When we are able to gift someone with a quilt, they feel loved. It is like a hug from a stranger. It almost calms people instantly, making their tough situation a little easier.”