UBCO professor Myron Campbell stands with his creation, Ghosts of Robert Lake, at the Kelowna airport. - Credit: Clea Haugo

Beasts found at Kelowna airport

Creations of Kelowna-based artist Myron Campbell are showcased at YLW

A duck, a blackbird, an avocet, a coyote, and even a gryphon were spotted recently at YLW – what makes it even more interesting is that they were seen inside the airport terminal.

These aren’t actual animals, they’re creation of Kelowna-based artist Myron Campbell. He has produced a multi-panelled installation that features species – both real and imagined – of creatures that visit the Robert Lake site located near the UBCO campus where he teaches.

The six large works are original digital creations that have been installed at the Kelowna Art Gallery’s satellite space at the Kelowna International Airport, near the security check area of the departures wing.

The works have an eerie, other-worldly feel to them. At first they appear to be a bit humourous, but then viewers may wonder if they are, in fact, addressing more serious issues, such as environmental degradation.

On one of the panels, a portrait of a ruddy duck shows it in profile, posed like a target in a midway, stuck onto a post. On another, a coyote seems to be licking its wounds against a background that features a broken and dilapidated electrical pole. Another panel features a man in a suit, who seems to be surveying the landscape, perhaps with thoughts of developing the area – seemingly oblivious to the huge Canada Goose perched atop his shoulder. Regardless of how visitors interpret the pieces, the punchy works in this 40-foot-long installation will no doubt give passengers pause on their way to the departures gate.

Myron Campbell was born in Calgary, and grew up in Weyburn, Saskatchewan. He has a diploma from the Medicine Hat College in Alberta, and an Master of Applied Arts from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver.

Since arriving in Kelowna to teach at the UBCO in 2014, Campbell has been active in organizing an ongoing series of community events called Draw by Night.

Ghosts of Robert Lake will be on view until Nov. 6 at the Kelowna International Airport.

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