Burnett: Natural methods to curb crab grass

Healthy, thick grass is still best weapon against this suffocating weed.

It’s crab grass season again as this insidious annual weed shows up in our lawns as a low lying flat bladed grass with purple seed heads.

Without the traditional chemical weed controls available to use, it can be quite difficult to control. However, here are a few tips that may help.

You will notice crab grass only grows in the hot sunny parts of the lawn and usually it grows best where the lawn is weak.

It only competes well if it is able to find open ground so the best way to keep it at bay is to keep your good turf grass healthy and thick.

A large infestation of crab grass should be removed physically before the seed matures then be re-seeded with a good turf grass.

In the growing season, don’t cut the grass too short as this will encourage germination of crab grass. There have been some favourable results using corn gluten meal in spring if the directions are followed closely.

As with any weed problem, it is very important to keep on top of crab grass before it takes over and becomes very difficult to manage.


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