Check out volunteer opportunities at Okanagan fair

The 19th Annual Okanagan Volunteer Opportunities Fair kicks off this Saturday at 10 a.m. at the Parkinson Recreation Centre.


The Okanagan Volunteer Opportunities Fair is a free family event showcases over 70 local non-profit organizations that are seeking volunteers of all ages and abilities. It’s an excellent place to find out what our local organizations are doing around the Central Okanagan and internationally as well.

“I enjoy hearing all of the stories from the organizations and their volunteers,” said Dawn Wilkinson, community services manager at Kelowna Community Resources.

“Last year, I met volunteers that had found opportunities at the Volunteer Fair a few years previous and were then staffing the booth for the organizations that had originally recruited them.”

The fair is a great way to not only give back to your community but to also give back to yourself.

“The connections that I made through volunteering, when I first moved to Kelowna, have helped me in my career path over the last 19 years,” said Stephanie Moore, a project coordinator at KCR.

In addition to building your resume and networking, you can share your expertise and truly make a difference in our community.

In preparation for Canada’s 150th anniversary, volunteer centres across the nation are putting up the challenge to donate 150 hours of volunteering over the course of the next year. The national average is 154 hours per year.

Kelowna Rotaract (a local branch of Rotary for 18 to 30 year-olds) will be on hand providing lunch, with all proceeds going to help their local and international projects.