Lake Country’s dog poo battle by the numbers

Lake Country’s dog poo battle by the numbers

The district has more than 35 dispensers installed and 100 public garbage bins

Ever wonder how many dog poo bags it takes to keep a city clean?

The District of Lake Country broke it down in a recent reminder to dog owners that they have to pick up their pooch’s poop.

The district currently has more than 35 dog bag dispensers for pet owners and said that 22,000 dog bags were used last year.

“If there is not a dog bag dispenser or one of the 100 public garbage receptacles on your walking route please bring a few plastic bags from home and carry your pet’s poop back home to put it in your garbage bin,” said the District of Lake Country in a social media post.

The district also said that pet waste washes into storm drains, pollutes rivers, lakes and drinking water sources.

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