Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

End domestic and sexual violence

The Elizabeth Fry Society will be launching their new awareness campaign June 1 to 3

The Elizabeth Fry Society is launching their latest campaign to spread awareness to end domestic and sexual violence.

Victims and Survivors of Crime Week is part of Justice Canada’s annual outreach initiative and the Central Okanagan Elizabeth Fry Society is launching #SpeakOut at Orchard Park Mall, June 1 to 3.

Every 10 seconds someone is sexually assaulted and young women ages 14 to 24 are at the highest risk. There are 460,000 sexual assaults occurring every year.

Elizabeth Fry’s campaign brings attention to the issue of sexual and domestic violence in the community by displaying a clothesline with decorated t-shirts with messages from survivors.

Next to murder, childhood sexual abuse is the most devastating of crimes. The trauma of abuse lingers for decades and most of the adults that come to the nonprofit’s program are dealing with complex post-traumatic stress.

View the display, share a message and be a part of the change in the community.