Fathers and daughters come together for ailing Kelowna teacher

Father/Daughter Pumpkin Ball on Sunday will be a special event for Okanagan Adventist Academy teacher Kevin Littlechilds.

Kelowna teacher Kevin Littlechilds with his family.

A 40 year old Kelowna teacher is taking his grief and putting it in a positive direction.

Kevin Littlechilds, who has taught at Kelowna’ s Okanagan Adventist Academy for 13 years, was diagnosed with Glioblastoma in July.

But Littlechilds will be the focal point of an upcoming memorable event—The Father/Daughter Pumpkin Ball on Sunday, 4 p.m. at Okanagan Mission Commujnity Hall, 4409 Lakeshore Rd.

His friends and former students have taken over his event and this year and are raising money for BC Cancer Research, focusing on brain tumors.

Fathers who are looking to make memories with their daughters, grand daughters or special girls are encouraged to dress up, get their hair done and create memories that last a lifetime.

Tickets available at eventbrite.com.

Tickets are $45/couple which includes a princess hairstyling provided by Dewey Cuttem & Howe Hair Salon.

Purchase online  or call Brooke at 250-899-4399.

More information at facebook.com/sonvalleyfellowship.