Plastic Easter eggs. (Pixabay)

Plastic Easter eggs. (Pixabay)

Get egged for Easter: Lakes community realtor setting up backyard egg hunts

Interested families in the Lakes in Lake Country should sign up by April 2

Are you egg-cited for Easter?

Lake Country Real Estate Agent Ashley Tiahnybok wants to help families in the the Lakes community celebrate the holiday with egg hunts in their own backyard.

“I actually live in the Lakes community in Lake Country and I thought it would be really fun to do something for the community and provide the kids within our neighbourhood with a little Easter egg hunt on Easter morning.”

Free of charge, Tiahnybok along with her husband and daughter will go out after dark on April 8 to hide 10 pre-filled eggs around your property.

“We actually had an inquiry from someone who really wanted to sign up and she was asking about peanut and tree-nut free candies and chocolates, which definitely peaked my interest… Everything is going to be peanut and tree-nut free.”

The response, Tiahnybok says has been overwhelming.

“I’m actually getting nervous! We’ve had a lot of people sign up, so that’s really great. We are going to be really busy for the week leading up to Easter putting all these eggs together.”

Tiahnybok has requested families sign up by April 2.

“I figured this year to get it started I would do it for free, no charge. I would love to do it again next year and maybe do by donation only and support one of our local charities.”

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