Goofy fun to assist charity

If all goes well, a couple of high profile representatives from the Economic Development Commission could be sporting some clownish hairdos around town.

Mind you, they’re calling their potential new mops “Campbell red” and cloaking all goofiness in charity.

“It’s a challenge we started after we went to a Students In Free Enterprise charity event where Mark Childs, Campbell Soup’s vice-president of marketing soup, was speaking,” explained Michael Blondé marketing and research officer with the EDC.

Childs told attendees that one out of every six people in Canada use food bank services and it’s been estimated that 720,000 Canadians go hungry every month.

They’re facts that led him to start the company on a journey to Can Hunger, across Canada and the globe, and they’ve made significant headway.

“It inspired the  EDC’s executive members, so we said ‘what can we do to get involved and make a difference?’” said Blondé.

Each member was given one can of soup, and presented with the challenge to collectively raise 10,000 pounds of food to be donated to any Central Okanagan food bank.

If they reach that goal, Blondé, as well as the EDC’s head-honcho Robert Fine, will dye their heads red, and hit the town with their new hairdos. But there’s a long way to go until that happens.

Blondé said they’ve only collected about 500 pounds of food, to date, and at the rate they’re going they’ll never make the  goal.

So, he’s hoping for a bit of public buy-in and support.

Anyone who wants to can hunger, and see some of the public’s head honchos, can head to the food bank and make a donation in the name of the EDC.

For more information, call Blondé at 250-469-6283.


Kelowna Capital News