Green kudos for Best Western hotel

The Best Western Hotel in Kelowna has been selected for incoming business travel by Interior Health because of their green initiatives.

The Best Western Hotel in Kelowna has been selected by Interior Health  as the government’s health agency’s preferred hotel recommendation in Kelowna for incoming business travel on account of their green initiatives.

Interior Health launched a project in May 2011 to find the greenest hotel in Kelowna.

Hotel submissions were scored against criteria that pertained to the environmental considerations taken by the hotel, commitment to enhancing the community with green initiatives, and effort to reduce their overall ecological footprint.

“I am thrilled with this recognition for three reasons, said Greg Salloum, CEO of the Best Wester Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suites.

“First,  it recognizes the achievements of our staff and owners to push the sustainability envelope; second, it is the first time a major employer in the valley has recommended our hotel based on these achievements.

“Finally, it will lay down the gauntlet to other hoteliers to step up to the plate and show the world that accommodations, whether addressing business travels or the tourism sector can and should be more sustainable in our fragile ecosystem.”

The designation from Interior Health as Greenest Hotel in Kelowna will remain in effect until September 2014.

Crescendo opening

Daniel Weber and Elvira Brunner, owners of Crescendo in Revelstoke, are about to open their second location at Missino Park Shopping Centre in Kelowna.

Crescendo is a retail purveyor of the finest, premium European products, sampled and savoured directly from the cask.

Crescendo offers over 50 exclusive cask-aged vinegars, award-winning fruit vinegars and exquisite oils direct from the cask.

“We take pride in selling all our products in a variety of quantities and dispensing them into any of over great selections of traditional and elegant bottles,” said Weber.

Crescendo’s collection of more than 60 exquisite herbs and spices include gourmet salts and peppers, fine herbs and seasonings are chosen from all over the world.

If customers are choosing a gift for a special occasion or a special someone, Crescendo will ensure your gift is beautifully presented.

The store will also  wax dip the tops of all of our bottles for shipping.

Chefs from around the world use our products for specialty dishes they create.

The knowledge of the Crescendo franchise founder Johannes Kinderlen gained in developing his shops evolved into his company’s guiding mission—use only the very best ingredients in the manufacture of Crescendo oils, vinegars, and spirits.


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