A couple of whippets chase a lure during a recent field trial, which gets underway in Lavington Saturday and Sunday for anyone interested in catching these speedy breeds in action. (Photo Submitted)

Hounds hit the track

Whippet Club of B.C.’s fall lure field trials get underway in Lavington this weekend

Man’s best friend will be racing near Vernon this weekend.

Some of the speediest breeds of dogs will run in the lure field trials hosted by the Whippet Club of BC Saturday and Sunday in Lavington.

The event will showcase approximately 30 dogs, coming from as far as the lower mainland, Vancouver Island, Edmonton and Calgary.

“This time we have some borzois (Russian wolf hounds), ibizans, greyhound, whippets, pharaoh and basenji,” said Christine Berlin, who is organizing the Lavington event.

The public is welcome to check out the action, which takes place on Langford Road, between 10 a.m. and wraps up around 3 or 4 p.m. both days.

“Last time we had so many nice visitors,” said Berlin. “It was fun, they brought their kids and dogs (well-behaved dogs on leash are allowed).”

The club is trying to get more interest, particularly from younger members. Additional members could also help facilitate the return of all-dog races, where anyone from the public can enter any breed for the fun event.

To help with the cost of hosting the whippet and sighthound events, the public is invited to check out the Berlin Friend and Family Jam and Jelly sale on site.

Anyone interested in getting involved with the trials can check out the Whippet Club of BC’s Facebook page.