KCR: Celebrating non-profit volunteers

National Volunteer Week starts April 24

It’s official – April 24, 2022, which is the start of National Volunteer Week, has been proclaimed the day to recognize the volunteers that sit on non-profit boards throughout B.C.

There is actually a significant number of volunteers when you consider more than 29,000 non-profit organizations exist across B.C.

Under the Society Act, each of these organizations requires a minimum of three board members.

So at a minimum, that means more than 87,000 volunteers commit to providing leadership, knowledge, time and energy to ensure that non-profits achieve their mission.

As well, these good people also take on considerable risk, putting themselves in positions of legal and financial responsibility for the organization.

A board director’s fiduciary responsibility demands they put the needs of the organization ahead of their own needs.

So why do people sign up for it?

A deep commitment to the cause, to the impact of the organization is often a key factor.

For some directors, it is their give-back to their community.

They recognize the benefits of non-profits a community’s social health and the importance of providing good governance to organizations that collectively oversee billions of dollars in public, charitable and private funding.

Boards come in all shapes and sizes, starting with working boards, where directors help to implement the day-to-day operations of their organizations.

These directors are keen to help get in and get the job done, taking on a variety of tasks and working with staff (if there are even any) to achieve their organization’s goals.

At the other end of the spectrum are governance boards, where directors leave the operations of the organization to staff under the guidance of the executive director or CEO, and focus on providing strategic direction for the organization, ensuring it is running effectively.

There are many hybrid boards as well, that fall somewhere in between these two end points.

At KCR Community Resources, we are fortunate to have a dynamic team of eight directors that are deeply committed to the work that KCR does in the community and bring their diverse skills and talents to shine here.

We want to acknowledge and thank them for their commitment, their ongoing support and ever-present attention.

During the pandemic, they, like many board directors, have had to carry an additional load, helping us to navigate this extra-ordinary time and they have done so with unswerving enthusiasm and care.

They’ve had to make tough decisions while keeping their fiduciary responsibility of putting the organization before their own needs.

To our board, our genuine gratitude for all that they do:

• Laura Thurnheer, president;

• Rob Peter, past president

• David Brown, vice-president

• Bill Thompson, treasurer/secretary

• Peter Boyd, director

• Eric Li, director;

• Gillianne Richards, director

• Brendon Rothwell, director.

Often directors are so ‘behind the scenes’ that they are even forgotten as part of the organization’s volunteer corps.

But not this year – make sure you celebrate your board members soundly on April 24, the first Non-Profit Boards Day in B.C.

Dorothee Birker is the communications and development coordinator for KCR Community Resources. If you are interested in sharing your volunteer or organizational news, please contact Dorothee at dorothee@kcr.ca.