Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

Keeping candy off the streets

Okanagan Smiles will be taking candy for cash after Halloween in Kelowna

Kelowna kids may be cutting down on candy this Halloween.

A new initiative held by Okanagan Smiles, located on Springfield Road, will have kids donating their candy for cash after Halloween.

The dentist office will accept donations of candy for $1 per pound, up to 10 lbs from Nov. 1 to 8.

Dr. Vikram Grewal said the idea start with his son, “considering how many cavities he gets after Halloween.”

At the end of the night, kids are getting more candy than stores can hold, he laughed.

“Kids are being exposed to this large frequency of candy, not necessarily volume of candies. So when these kids are exposed to that, down the road around Christmas time you see kids start to develop cavities,” he said.

For The Halloween candy buy back, Grewal wants to spread awareness of the consequences of too much candy.

The candy collected will be donated to The Salvation Army and the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club.

Grewal said his wife came up with the idea to donate the candy to the nonprofits where they will be distributed throughout the year, opposed to one child consuming it.

“I want the candies off the street,” he said.