Kelowna coalition formed to oppose Site C dam project

Inaugural meeting held Sept. 20 to plan on sending a voice of opposition to Site C from the Okanagan.

Cenceptual rendition of the proposed new Site C hydro dam being proposed by BC Hydro for northern B.C.

The founding meeting of the Okanagan Stop Site C Coalition was held Sept. 20 in Kelowna.

The coalitiion’s mission is to be a loud voice of opposition in the Okanagan to construction of the $8.8 billion mega-dam on the Peace River in north-eastern B.C.

Spokesperson, Fae Shaw says the coalition stands in solidarity with the Treaty 8, West Moberly, and Prophet River First Nations whose treaty rights are being ignored, the last of their lands on the Peace River bulldozed by B.C. Hydro; the Peace Valley landowners who stand to lose their family farms and she says are being bullied off their highly productive lands before their concerns have been adequately addressed; the fish and other wildlife that will be wiped out or lose critical habitat and numerous supporters working hard to see this project stopped for good.

“Less expensive, viable alternative energy sources have been ignored; the need for energy from such a massive project has never been proven and will be completely financed by debt that we, our children and grandchildren will be paying off for 70 years,” said Shaw.

The coalition is meeting at public places most weekends to pass out information, collect names and continue the pressure to end this project.

People who want more information can google or contact Shaw at 250-762-5982.