Kelowna company to donate 5,000 slices of pizza to the homeless

The Kelowna Gospel Mission will be hosting seven pizza nights over seven weeks

In partnership with Kelowna Gospel Mission, the Money Saver Division of Okanagan Marketing Solutions has pledged to donate 5,000 slices of pizza over seven nights to people experiencing homelessness

At 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, July 15, the first delivery of 72 large pizzas will arrive at 251 Leon Avenue. This pizza will be served to people staying at the two emergency shelters, the four women’s transitional homes and to any other people experiencing homelessness nearby.

There will be seven of these pizza nights over seven weeks, which will provide 200 meals for those in need.

“Providing meals to people experiencing homelessness and poverty has always been the first step towards wellness,” says Troy McKnight of Kelowna’s Gospel Mission.

“The generosity of Senthil and his clients shows how deeply our community cares about this important social issue. When you are struggling with various complex issues, having a delicious meal of pizza provided for you is a welcome gift.”

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