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Kelowna stylist looking to land magazine spread

Ashley Taron is vying to be the ‘Ultimate Stylist’

A Kelowna stylist is hoping the public can help in landing a prominent magazine gig.

Ashley Taron is first in her group as of May 27 in the ‘Ultimate Stylist’ competition, with entries from around the country vying for the opportunity to be featured in Life & Stye Magazine.

It also doesn’t hurt that the grand prize carries a purse of $10,000 as well.

“It’s super cool,” said Taron. “I’m pumped to jump-start my career more than anything, and get some exposure doing what I really love to do.”

Though the magazine feature is pretty priceless, Taron said that she would use the cash prize to purchase a new full-frame camera with a wide-angle lens.

Among Taron’s most proud industry moments was working with Ms. Canada Globe to transform her into different animals, through the magic of makeup, styling and photography.

“She basically wanted to be turned into different animals representing different continents of the world…for me, I’ve always had an eye for colour, and combining things that maybe people would never combine together.”

She boasts about a decade of makeup background, moving to Vancouver for years before returning to Kelowna.

Having always been a thrift shopper, Taron is now hoping to make a name for herself in the styling industry.

“It’s fun for me.”

As for her own personal style, Taron’s Ultimate Stylist profile says her typical outfit is usually along the lines of “high-waisted bottoms, an edgy or bold jacket with statement shoes.”

Votes can be cast here, and requires a Facebook login. Mulitple votes can be cast all at once through donations to the Born This Way foundation, a Lady Gaga-created non-profit aimed at helping youth with their mental health.

The first round of voting ends on June 2 at 8p.m.

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