Learn Canadian history

Learn Canadian history

Students from St. Joseph Elementary will be celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday

Intermediate students from St. Joseph Elementary will be celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday by entertaining the community with a musical Chautauqua-style performance.

Chautauqua A Canadian Classic, runs nightly from May 30 to June 1 and will educate audiences about Canada’s rich history through entertaining performances of many great Canadian stories like those of Anne of Green Gables, Sir John A. MacDonald and even Don Cherry.

St. Joseph Elementary’s Chautuaqua A Canadian Classic is modeled after a traditional Chautauqua where speakers, teachers and performers came together to educate and entertain communities under a big-top style tent.

“Chautauqua has been a creative adventure across Canada’s history,” said vice principal and music director Vivian Farr.

The students at St. Joseph Elementary have been working hard preparing the Chautauqua for months; most of the stories and songs are written by the students themselves.

“Students and staff have been challenged in developing musical arrangements, lyrics and scripts. We are thrilled to provide a venue that showcases the many instrumental and dramatic talents we have at St. Joseph Elementary,” said Farr.

Chautauqua: A Canadian Celebration takes place at St. Joseph Elementary, 839 Sutherland Ave. Tickets are available through eventbrite. Students/Seniors are $14 and adults are $20.