Make mosquitoes unwelcome

Learn how you can protect against mosquitoes at the Mosquito Control page on the Regional District website

This week’s rain, followed by warming temperatures and sunshine could result in a new batch of mosquitoes buzzing around the Central Okanagan.

Since early April, crews have been monitoring and treating mosquito larvae in more than 190 known breeding locations across the region. Residents are encouraged to join the fight by removing potential mosquito breeding areas around their properties.

RDCO’s Bruce Smith said, “please remove standing water sources and any unused items that collect water such as old tires. Rain barrels should be covered with a screen to prevent mosquitoes from laying their eggs in the water. As well, drain standing water from saucers under plant pots or garbage cans. At least two times a week change the water in birdbaths, wading pools and pet bowls since mosquito larvae can also develop in them. Remove water that gathers in unused swimming pools and on swimming pool covers and aerate water in ponds or add fish that will eat mosquito larvae.”

Residents in Kelowna, Lake Country, Central Okanagan East and West Electoral Areas and a small section of West Kelowna Estates can report mosquito concerns to 1-866-679-8473.”

Under contract with the Regional District, BWP Consulting Inc. conducts all larval mosquito control within these participating areas of the regional district.

Learn how you and your family can fight back and protect against mosquitoes by checking out the resources available on the Mosquito Control page on the Regional District website


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