Mental health in Kelowna benefits from Primaris tourney

“At a time when grant dollars are shrinking, we rely on donations more than ever to continue our work.” —CMHA Kelowna executive director

“Choosing CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association) as our charity of choice was founded in our belief that we can be advocates of awareness and support for mental health initiatives,” Donna Markin, general manager of Primaris Orchard Park Shopping Centre, said in a press release announcing the funds raised in this year’s golf tournament.

2016 marked the second year of Primaris’ Charity Golf Tournament and partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association. The tournament, which has now raised a grand total of $147,200, supports local mental health programs and supports, equipping people with the necessary tools to prevent and recover from mental illness.

“By bringing together people who share the same belief, who may have experienced the need for support, we can be the catalyst for open communication about mental health,” Markin said. “As an employer, as a business and as a community member, I am thrilled with the money we were able to raise for CMHA.”

The amount of money raised this year amounted to an astounding $77,000, even surpassing the $70,200 raised last year. Every cent of the funds raised will stay in our local community.

“We are thrilled to be recipients of this generous donation,” says Shelagh Turner,executive director of CMHA Kelowna.  “At a time when grant dollars are shrinking, we rely on donations more than ever to continue our work.”

Mental illness is a serious health problem in Canada affecting relationships, education, productivity and overall quality of life.  Approximately one in five Canadians, or 20 per cent of the population, will experience a mental illness during their lifetimes.  Mental illness costs the Canadian economy an estimated $51 billion annually.

Fortunately, CMHA offers the promise of a better life for many individuals living with mental health issues.



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