Lucas Sweet and Sonia Withers from the Kelowna Salvation Army join Rob and Jennifer Henson and Lenetta Parry from the Westside Salvation Army for a picture with Real Canadian Superstore Manager, Tony Gorjanc and Gary Bennett.

Much needed donations helps feed those in Central Okanagan

The donation was made to the Westside Salvation Army and the Kelowna Salvation Army

Both Kelowna Salvation Army and the Westside Salvation Army have witnessed an increase in the need for their programs and services in this past year, as Okanagan families battle the financial challenges that come with COVID-19.

One program that has seen a significant increase is the Salvation Army’s emergency food hamper, a program specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of those living on the street.

Understanding the need and the pressure the Salvation Army is under to fill each emergency hamper, the Gary Bennett Family Fund and its supporters donated $3,000 towards the Salvation Army’s food programs, with $1,500 being donated to the Westside Salvation Army and $1,500 being donated to the Kelowna Salvation Army.

The funds from the donations were spent at the Westbank Real Canadian Superstore where an additional $100 worth of product was donated to support community programs.

The Salvation Army’s 2020 Christmas campaign is still accepting donations online at or

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