Help Daisy. (OHS)

Help Daisy. (OHS)

Okanagan charity looks to help emaciated cat discovered in freezing temperatures

Okanagan Humane Society is looking for donations for Daisy

In just the first 12 days of 2022, the Okanagan Humane Society received more than 50 calls for help.

The volunteer-run charity receives various calls from rescues to medical emergencies and support for spay and neuter services for those with financial barriers to accessing veterinary care.

One of these early January calls was from a woman named Kristina in Peachland, who had heard meowing from under her porch.

According to Romany Runnalls, president of the Okanagan Humane Society (OHS), Kristina tried to coax the cat out from under the home but the feline would not budge.

The woman left food and water for the cat and decided to call OHS for help.

“With some guidance, Kristina managed to capture the cat and rushed it directly to an awaiting partner veterinary clinic,” said Runnals.

The cat was a long-haired Calico, who was severely matted, dehydrated, and lethargic. She was very cold and was found to have six ticks living on her, literally sucking the blood from her helpless body.

Emaciated and anemic, the vet team placed her on an IV and kidney support food to help with her recovery.

“This was an important rescue as she may not have lasted much longer during the cold snap, or had permanent damage to her kidneys,” said Runnalls.

Five days later, the cat, now named Daisy was released into foster care to finish her recovery.

There was a tattoo in her ear but unfortunately, it was not recognizable and no microchip was detected. Once fully recovered, OHS will place Daisy on their website to be adopted into a new, loving home.

As OHS is a volunteer fun association that relies on support from the community to continue its work, the charity is looking to animal lovers to open their hearts and wallets to help cover Daisy’s medical costs.

To help Daisy, go to

OHS is a registered charity that has been serving local Okanagan animals for more than 25 years. Last year, OHS helped care for more than 1300 animals in the Okanagan.

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